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Alma Dance Academy of New Jersey​

Welcome to Alma Dance Academy

Alma  Dance Academy, under the artistic director and head choreographer, Farrah Cortez, is a boutique dance studio aiming to nurture and build strong dancers and artists. We believe that a positive faculty develops students who have a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth. The combination of praise, encouragement and an expert faculty provides the best learning environment for children to develop dance skills, as well as poise, self-confidence and an understanding of the cultural arts. The techniques learned will remain for a lifetime.

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Our entire line-up of dance classes available to you , LIVE, daily via ZOOM. 

If you are interested in joining our classes, please click here! 

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To our dance family and community re: our State Mandated Covid-19 Closure

As per the State of New Jersey and the County of Bergen, we have closed the studio from March 16 until further notice due to the dangerous spread of the CoronaVirus/ Covid-19. 

As this deadly virus is airborne and does not discriminate, we will not be in studio until the State and Bergen County lift all their bans.

ALL of our classes , including private, will be available thru an online platform and will be LIVE during the regular times as if they are being held at the studio. 

All parents will be receiving information and URLs to join us LIVE! 

A tuition reduction will Apply for the month of April.

Make-up classes will be held on Saturdays, until ALL the classes have been made up, even if you attended our online ones. 

Please note: that if you decide to cancel your membership at this time , 50% of your May tuition full price is due.

If you wish to freeze, a fee of $30 for the Month of May will be due upon request, per child.

Absolutely no refunds will be granted due to this unforeseen pandemic.

Our teachers and I  will continue to teach LIVE , online. 

I have all been extensively working overtime to keep our students continuing dance, we added an exclusive YouTube channel for supplemental classes and fun dance alongs.

We are a small, family run business and keeping your business is a blessing to our families. 

We count on you to help us keep our spirits up, dance doors open and can not wait to dance this all away!

-Farrah  & Alma Dance Academy Faculty 

Help us with Covid-19 Fundraisers for our Dance Families and Our Business

Our organization did not receive any SBA , Federal Aid or State help during this time of Covid-19. We Have families who have lost all income but still wish to keep their children dancing  with us. 

These fundraisers are to  help these families and to allow our business to fight during this pandemic. Thank you for your consideration in donating.  Click on a picture for a direct link to the fundraising pages. 

Summer Dance has been extended: 

June 29-August 11


AUGUST 17, 2020

Our Fall 2020 season begin on 

August 17, 2020

We are excited to introduce more levels, more times and more classes for all of our current students, new students and dance transfers. 

New for 2020

 - Specialty classes for competitive students 

-Comprehensive dance classes for kids ages 5-7

-More performance opportunities for recreational dancers